Alexa Hembree

Unsecured consumer credit is increasing

The increase in unsecured consumer credit from the Bank of Finland is attributable to the fall in interest rates. In 2016, interest rates on unsecured consumer loans fell by almost one percentage point. In March this year, the average interest […]

A Positive Credit Record is on the Consumer Side

Good lending practices emphasize the lender’s responsibility, including when assessing a consumer’s creditworthiness. It should be possible to assess the borrower’s financial circumstances on the basis of the best information available and to scale the credit to be granted accordingly. […]

Bad Credit History?

What happens if you find yourself at a golden opportunity like this, for example, to attend an interesting training that you expect all year long but do not have enough money to attend? What are you going to do? Will […]

How to secure your debit and credit card!

Debit card scamming and debugging of credit and debit card PINs have been on the agenda lately. These are just a few examples of payment card crime. In addition, news about the risks of online shopping has raised questions about […]

Who takes out consumer credit?

Have you always wondered who is taking those consumer loans? Well now it is clear, as we were working with Kopla, a customer understanding agency, on the attitude of Finns towards consumer credit. There are many types of consumer loans […]

Credit Information What is Credit Information?

Getting a loan or credit card is almost always conditional on sound credit history. What is credit history and how do you know if it is correct? In this guide, we’ll tell you how credit information works, how credit information […]